COSMIC SOUND SESSION - Clear, activate and awake your whole being - ONLINE AND OFFLINE

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Multidimensional Soundsession​

Clear, activate and awake your whole being

Multidimensional Soundsessions are a way of transforming and activating your whole multidimensional being through sounds. In a session I’ll use sounds and vibration attunement, such as: instruments, vocal techniques, lightcode movement and lightlanguage for transforming the ‘you’, the ego (mind) and spiritual heart into a safely open and more harmonic state of being.

Sound vibrations break up and release blockages in your body and mind. They will put the ego(mind) in the place where it is no longer in control of ‘the all and everything’. The session will give access to your spiritual heart so that your ‘being’ can be in charge. This will help you to live more in love, trust, peace, awareness and understanding.

Each session will vary according to what is required in the moment and what is in the best highest interest of each person.


Free your Spiritual Heart: Lose your mind, find your Soul.

What will you get

The Soundhealing transmissions will do a lot of work in the session as also in the period after the session. I always start to make you feel totally comfortable and will do a small talk with you before we start.

  • A big inner cleaning. Emotions, pain and tensions can be released.
  • More being and living in the now.
  • Connection with inner wisedom and intuïtion.
  • Mental clarity: Sense of peace and wellbeing.
  • More trust in yourself as also in the path you’re going (to take).
  • An awakened mind: a shift in perception and your ego(mind).
  • Grounding and Focus: More freedom, peace and understanding.
  • Spiritual, body and mind expanding experiences and activations.

Online or offline contact

The sound session will be online or offline and will take about one to one and a half hour. If you have any questions you can contact me by email.


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